4 Facts About Shawarma

Shawarma is an extremely popular Middle Eastern dish that has become increasingly popular in the west over the last several decades. Learn more about this delectable meat meal below from the team at Pita Shop of Miramar and order your next meal from our Florida location today!

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What Is It?

Shawarma is a meat dish that generally consists of thinly-sliced pieces of lamb or mutton that have been slowly roasted on a spit or vertical rotisserie. While lamb is the traditional meat of choice, shawarma is also frequently made with turkey, chicken, veal, or beef. It is an extremely versatile culinary experience.

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An appealing aspect of shawarma is that there are a variety of different ways to prepare it and ingredients that you can incorporate. You can choose to have a traditional lamb wrap or you can opt for something more exotic and experimental — nothing is off-limits! All sorts of meats, vegetables, and sauces can be included to form a unique meal made just for you.

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Vitamin C

One thing that you might not expect when you are considering ordering a shawarma meal is that it is full of Vitamin C. Each serving provides roughly 500mg of this vitamin that can help prevent heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and various forms of cancer. You will be doing your tastebuds and body a favor when you order your next shawarma meal!

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Side Dishes

Because shawarma is such a versatile and customizable dish, a number of sides can perfectly complement its flavors. Everything from french fries to a fresh salad can match your shawarma, depending on what unique ingredients you have decided to include with your wrap. Experiment and find out which flavor pairings you enjoy the most!

If you have never tried shawarma, you have been missing out on a delicious cultural experience. Try it for yourself at Pita Shop of Miramar and discover your new favorite meal now!

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