4 Interesting Facts That Every Gyro Lover Should Know

Everyone loves a classic Greek gyro that is made with care using the best authentic ingredients. Do you know much about them? Learn more below and come to Pita Shop in Miramar, Florida to get the best Mediterranean food that you have ever had! Try our menu today!

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It Is Pronounced Differently Than It Is Spelled

Based on its spelling, it might seem like “gyro” should be pronounced “ji-row.” However, that is incorrect. A gyro, in its traditional Greek pronunciation, should be said like “yee-ro.” Don’t worry if you haven’t been saying it correctly — many people get this mixed up!

gyro with tomato plate

Americans Eat 100 Million Gyros a Year

While it may be a traditional Greek food item, gyros are surprisingly popular in the United States. Statistics indicate that Americans eat 100 million or more every single year. It seems like people in the states tend to like them quite a lot.

3 gyros

It Literally Means “To Turn”

The word “gyro” actually has an interesting meaning that doesn’t seem to correspond with the food itself. “Gyro” means “to turn,” which you can see reflected in words like gyroscope and gyrocompass. These are items that are based around turning and spinning.

gyro on the grill

It Is Cooked Vertically in a Rotisserie Grill

If they are cooked correctly, the lamb meat that is in your gyro should be prepared vertically on a rotisserie grill. Thin slices are then cut off and serve as the foundation of your meal. This approach ensures that the juices that are produced while it is cooking baste the lower layers, giving you maximum flavor in every bite.

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