4 Interesting Facts That Every Gyro Lover Should Know

Love gyros? If you're a fan of this delicious Mediterranean food, you'll want to read this blog post! Here, our team at Pita Shop of Miramar will share four interesting facts about gyros that every lover should know. Read on for more fun facts about gyros. You might just be surprised by what you learn!

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Gyro Is Pronounced Differently Than It Is Spelled

Gyro is pronounced "yee-roh," not “jeer-oh” or "gear-oh." While the spelling might be a bit confusing, the pronunciation is actually quite simple — just remember, gyros are pronounced with a long "e" sound, like in the word "yeast."

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Gyro Literally Means “To Turn”

The word gyro comes from the Greek word "gyros," which means "to turn." This makes sense when you think about how gyros are cooked on a spit, slowly turning until they're nice and crispy.

Gyro  Rotisserie

Gyro Is Cooked Vertically in a Rotisserie Grill

If you're curious about how gyros are cooked, it's actually quite simple. They're cooked vertically on a rotisserie grill, which is also known as a gyro grill. This type of grill allows the gyro meat to cook evenly, resulting in that perfect gyro flavor that we all know and love.

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Americans Eat 100 Million Gyros a Year

It’s no secret that Americans love Mediterranean food — it’s estimated that collectively, we eat around 300,000 gyros a day, which is over 100 million a year — that's a lot of gyros! If you're one of the many gyro lovers out there, we hope you enjoy every single one you have.

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