4 Modern Myths About Traditional Greek Food

We’re all familiar with the Ancient Greek myths surrounding figures like Zeus and Heracles, but did you know that Greek culture is still subject to myths today? Indeed, many individuals know tragically little about traditional Greek food — and that’s why we’re here to change that! Pita Shop of Miramar serves the best Greek food in Miramar, Florida, and today we’re debunking four myths about our culinary culture!

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Olive oil and fresh herbs on a plate

Myth 1: Greek Food Is Unhealthy

This myth is almost entirely false. Greek cuisine is actually quite healthy, with an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients. Greek dishes are often made with olive oil and herbs, which are both healthy and flavorful. Plus, Greek meals are frequently served with a side of raw vegetables and salads, which help to provide a balanced and nutritious meal.

Falafel in a dark bowl

Myth 2: Greek Food Is Too Spicy

Another myth about Greek food is that it's too spicy. While some dishes may contain spices, Greek cuisine is not typically known for being overly spicy. Instead, Greek food relies on fresh herbs and robust spices, such as oregano, basil, and cinnamon, to bring out the flavor of the ingredients. Check out our menu to see for yourself!

A person holding up a gyro conveniently wrapped for take-out

Myth 3: Greek Food Is Hard To Eat On-the-Go

Many people believe that Greek food is hard to eat on-the-go, but the truth is that many Greek dishes are perfect for a quick meal. At Pita Shop of Miramar, we serve Greek salads, pitas, and gyros, which are all great options for a tasty and convenient meal. Additionally, we offer take-out options, making it easy to enjoy Greek food at home, in the car, or on the beach!

A modern greek kabob called souvlaki

Myth 4: Greek Food Is All the Same

All it takes is one visit to our Mediterranean restaurant in Miramar to find out that Greek food is incredibly diverse. In fact, Greek cuisine varies greatly by region and culture, meaning there are many different styles and flavors to explore. From traditional dishes like moussaka and spanakopita to more modern variations like souvlaki and tzatziki, there is something for everyone on our menu!

We hope that debunking these common myths has helped you appreciate the nuances of our authentic Greek cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a healthy meal, a quick snack, or a gourmet dinner, Pita Shop of Miramar has you — and your stomach — covered!

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